Monday, September 19, 2016


Remember that Friday, September 23 is conference release day.  Make sure you have arranged transportation off campus at 10:31am when 2nd elective ends.  

Your goals should be typed by now and ready to review at your conference.  You will also be talking about your community involvement plans at the conference.  

Good luck to all of you during conferences!


We will begin presentations on the Chinese dynasties by mid-week, so make sure that you have all research, presentation planning sheets, and presentations ready before Tuesday.  You will have some time in class to rehearse your presentations as well.  You also will rate the performance of your group members during the project.

The Buddhism WebQuest is due on Thursday, September 22.


I was very impressed with the leaf speeches, and I am very excited to be moving into The Outsiders. I also  want to thank you all for working so diligently on the iReady screener.

For this week, we will discuss chapter 1 and the setting of The Outsiders.  We will also begin some grammar work with sentences.  Lastly, you will write your "History as a Writer" in class this week to give me some insight into the type of writing you have done in the past and what the experience was like.  

You will need to have read through chapter 3 in The Outsiders by Thursday.